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CC&D Services

Budget Range Assistance

We can provide a realistic target budget range based upon a very rough scope of work to clients who are looking to build or remodel. We, however, do not provide an estimate nor a quote for construction. Our budget range assistance is merely to assist people who have no idea of construction costs or an unrealistic expectation of them. 

Selection Services

We take homeowners to our or their contractor's preferred vendors for a variety of design and fixture selections that are consistent with their style.

Selection services include:

Plumbing fixtures

Interior and exterior lighting





Interior and exterior paint colors

Window and door styles

Brick and stone


Door and cabinetry hardware

Project Management

From the initial conversation until the completion of the project, we will be here to advise homeowners on economically feasible and efficient solutions to any problems encountered along the way. Additionally, we communicate with homeowners and contractors to maintain up-to-date status reports for our projects. 


We will consult with residential and small commercial clients and help navigate them through the entire pre-construction, pre-design, design, and/or construction process. This includes working with or finding architects and/or contractors for the owner. This also includes working with municipalities on feasibility and constraints. 

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